Walking in the rain


I love walking in the rain

When there’s no-one else around

And all the sugar babes

Having gone to ground


Drops of rain cling to leaves

And spider webs enhance

The bush glows a darker shade of green

The trees appear to dance


The swans and ducks love the rain

Just like me

And seagulls gather at the lake

Far from crashing waves and sea


Memories of my yellow gumboots spring to mind

Jumping puddles, catching tadpoles in a jar

Letting mud squelch through my toes

As a child were my games most popular


Perhaps it is because I’m of Scottish extract

Where no doubt it rains most days

Not like sunny Sydney

Where wet weather for most of us, is a most unwelcome phase



Published by

Susan Joy Alexander

Susan Alexander is a former tennis champion, successful business woman and a poet.