A little brown field mouse raced across the back of my chair last night

I got such a surprise I screamed out loud in fright

Markus said it was all in my mind

That it was a moth or a cockroach or something of that kind


It was definitely a mouse I saw I insisted

Not a figment of my imagination – it really existed

He must have hitched a ride from Woomeral Station Retreat

Somehow stowed himself away in our van – no mean feat.


It was a decision that little brown field mouse will regret without doubt

Markus was hot on his trail, although that little fellow gave him the run about

That little critter led him a merry dance up and down the camper van

Before disappearing behind the toilet pan


We don’t really know where he went but as there was no smell the next day

He obviously didn’t get caught in the vent

And fortunately managed to get away


I wonder what that little brown field mouse will do in Kilbarri.?



Published by

Susan Joy Alexander

Susan Alexander is a former tennis champion, successful business woman and a poet.