PEDRO RODRIGUEZ-FUERTES- 26/03/33 to 11/06/2020

It is more than 40 years since I’ve seen Pedro.   He rings from downstairs in the hotel lobby just as I’m about to go down for breakfast.  I’m not at my best – not having yet had my shower and washed my hair which is in dire need of it. Fortunately I have my hat on. I have definitely been caught out. One would certainly prefer to present oneself at their optimum in these circumstances.  Pedro oscilates between being charming, vital, engaging and off with the fairies.  He insists that we all go to the Cathedral Museum to see his painting and have our photos taken in front of it – all three of us – as requested by Alex.


Excerpt from “A Spanish Love Affair:

When I wake up, for the first few moments, I feel totally disoriented until I turn my gaze to the other side of the bed and look at Pedro.  He is still fast asleep. His skin is glowing in the early morning light, his hair glistens and his eyelashes, which are thick and lush, are resting languidly on his cheek.  He is a perfect specimen in the looks department, I decide after  giving him another careful examination.  I feel my heart beating a my eyes linger on his face and body.  I still fell such a strong attraction to him, my whole body feels alive when I’m close to him –  I feel like I’m going to burst.

But what am I going to do about the sex part?

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Susan Joy Alexander

Susan Alexander is a former tennis champion, successful business woman and a poet.