Old age is not for the faint-hearted



The saying “Old age is not for the faint hearted” attributed to Mae West, is a well-known expression which I can relate to very well.  It seems that as one ages bit by bit all the things that one loves get taken away.

My first loss was very early in the piece.  Chocolate!  I had teenage acne. The skin specialist told me that one piece of chocolate, i.e. one small square, which we were doled out each Saturday night after dinner, would give me enough pimples to last for a year.  I have never eaten another piece of chocolate.

He also advised that I had to remove anything oily, fatty or sugary from my diet.  No fish and chips, golden syrup pudding, lemon meringue pie, etc not to mention butter spread extra thick.  It seemed that everything I liked was on the list of banned foods.

Cigarettes had to go next.  Anyone who has ready my book will know I had my first one when I was 11 behind the Nabaron Tennis Club with Frosty.  When I played on the tour, all the tennis tournaments were sponsored by cigarette companies and their reps used to give us free cigarettes.  We were supposed to give them out but of course we smoked ‘em.  My partner and I even smoked one between the 2nd and 3rd set in the Ladies’ changeroom at Wimbledon.  However, they were just not a healthy option especially after I suffered an asthma attack during a tennis match.  I did love them.  But they had to go.

Tennis was next.  And it was a very sad day when I had to give up it up due to an ongoing back problem.  The last attack had lasted two years with nine out of ten pain every day.  The decision was a no-brainer but very difficult. Tennis was an integral part of my life.  I’d played since I was 7.  As a consequence, I went into mourning for several years.  It took me five years to give away my tennis skirts and ten years my rackets.

I also had to give up dancing which was very disappointing because I’d just started to learn how to dance the Flamenco.  Unfortunately, all that stamping on unsprung wooden floors proved treacherous for my back.  Jogging and squash also got the flick.

Then I got diagnosed with reflux with its inherent list of prohibited foods.  It seems that everything I like is a no no.  No wine, no caffeine, no carbonated drinks, no garlic, no spices, no herbs, no onions, hardly any fruit in fact anything with a PH under 5 – the list goes on.  Once again it seems that everything that I like is on the list.

Next fibromyalgia which has certainly put a hole in my social life et al.  You can read my post “Fibromyalgia – you are not alone” on my Website susanjoyalexander.com.

The I got bitten by a tick and developed the Mammalian Tick Allergy – Alpha-Gal which is prevalent on the Northern Beaches.  Red meat, pork and dairy are now banned from my diet.

So when you see the magnificent meals that Markus manages to turn out you will now appreciate what a tremendous handicap he working is under.

Now I’m stuck at home during lock-down and after an injection for trochanteric bursitis am not allowed to do any exercise for two weeks – even walking.  I am finding this hardest of all.   No walking in Jamieson Park or along the beach.

Woe is me!