In an instant


In an instant

Things can change

When something happens and causes

Your whole life to rearrange


Just when the road ahead

Seems smooth and straight

She steps in

The hand of fate


An accident at work or on the road

Even on holiday

You nearly drown, get caught in a bushfire or

Are struck by lightening,

Or get caught in an affray


Just being at the wrong time in the wrong place

Can leave you with hours, days or a lifetime

Of misery to face


So grab each precious moment

And hold it extra tight

For you never know what will happen

Today, tomorrow or even tonight


I should add to this poem that you could catch Covid, become a close contact or like that poor woman, Sue Cobham who died when a Norfolk Pine fell on her at a carpark just down the road from us at the Narrabeen Surf Club – just at the wrong place at the wrong time.



Published by

Susan Joy Alexander

Susan Alexander is a former tennis champion, successful business woman and a poet.