Some writers hate talking about their book.  But not me!  I love it.  Having sat on my story for 50 years, then slogged it out for over 10 years writing it,  I’m absolutely busting to share my story.


Last Monday I spoke at the Miranda Probus  at the Sylvania Bowling Club.   Rather than battle the peak hour traffic we decided to spend the night  at Cronulla.  My last visit there was quite some time ago – I was 14 on a sleepover at the Catlow sisters.  They were Americans and way ahead of the rest of us – they both knew how to dress and wear makeup.  What’s more they were ahead of us in life experience – both having actually kissed a boy.  Needless to say we all hung on every word over that weekend.


The members of Miranda Probus  were a very receptive audience.  Although my speech was an hour long, no-one went to sleep.  And contrary to general public opinion, that poetry is old hat, they all loved my poem:-



An Unexpected Visitor

We had a most unexpected visit                                                                                        In the middle of the night                                                                                     Something scrabbling and scraping                                                                                  It seemed with all its might

A possum had taken a wrong step                                                                              Down the chimney on our roof                                                                                       And made a grand entrance in the fireplace                                                                  In a manner most uncouth

He then led us a merry race                                                                                      Running up and down the room                                                                                  With Markus in hot pursuit                                                                                           With the big old garden broom

It was certainly amazing how quickly                                                                                That possum managed to flee                                                                                           But he must have know who was after him                                                                 Because it was on Markus’s side of the bed he stopped to wee

Eventually he was cornered                                                                                            Markus threw a towel on top                                                                                          The possum must have been exhausted                                                                Because all he did was flop

Markus then carried him outside                                                                              Where he promptly raced up the nearest tree                                                                  I bet he’ll be more careful next time                                                                             He’s anywhere near a chimney




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Susan Joy Alexander

Susan Alexander is a former tennis champion, successful business woman and a poet.