CHANGE (THE SONG)  by Susan Joy Alexander


Writing makes me so much happier than tennis or real estate.

A picture of the front cover of a book called "A Spanish Love Affair" by Susan Joy Alexander.
A Spanish Love Affair by Susan Joy Alexander

Change can make me feel

Sometimes happy sometimes sad

Like I’ve just won the lottery

Or lost everything I‘ve had


I’m caught in a swirling river

Struggling to keep afloat

There are times I seem to be living my life

Bailing out my boat


When my best laid plans

Just go astray

And disappear from sight

And things I want to happen… don’t

Though I try with all my might


Its times like these I have to change,

My plans if not my mind

And if I practice often

It will get easier I’ ll find


But if I my dig my toes in

And insist on being the same

I’ll leave many paths undiscovered

Which would surely be a shame


Cos change can be such a wonderful thing,

A chance to live my life anew

Do wonderful exciting things

I never thought I’d do


So I’ll just grab it by the reins,

Dig my heels into its side

And if I walk, trot or run

I’ll just enjoy the ride


For in this life one things for sure that

Change is here to stay

No matter how I try

To keep it at bay


Well I really must say

That I DO love change

I get bored with the status quo

Though sometimes I feel

That I’m not quite ready


When the tide of change….. begins to flow




Published by

Susan Joy Alexander

Susan Alexander is a former tennis champion, successful business woman and a poet.