I’m so excited that I just cant hide it!


There are only a few remaining tickets for my talk at the Mona Vale Library on Tuesday 22nd.  And I’m so excited to be able to share my story.  Me modelling a Fred Perry dress at the Hurlingham Garden Party – Lea Pericola, Italian tennis player famous for swirling to defeat in a Teddy Tinling creation and for lobbing every ball.At Queens with George Blue – he and his wife were our English parents and endeavoured to keep Sandie and I in check – without much success I’m afraid.I was renowned for playing in tournaments in beautiful, exotic and interesting locations but Antigua took the cake.  I can remember sipping the biggest pino colada you could ever imagine on a huge balcony overlooking the sea while listening to reggae.  My idea of heaven!  Unfortunately, the Half Moon Bay Hotel was completely destroyed in a cyclone otherwise it would be on my Bucket List – right at the top.